Leithana is a Franco-Spanish artist, songwriter, singer, musician, graphic designer and videomaker who operates in the independent music scene since 1990. She is recognized for being an original and eclectic artist, and gained popularity as a founding member of the band “Ordo Equitum Solis”. Beside this long-time partnership, she works solo on her musical project “Scarlet Plinge” as well as on audiovisual projects, and offers her services in music and video production.

Leithana started her career in music in 1988 as a singer-songwriter. Aged 22 she got her band’s first album released, which music and style boomed for its originality in the independent scene. Her contribution to the project results in more than 12 albums released on CD or vinyl and distributed worldwide, as well as many concerts and tours across Europe, America and Russia. She also counts numerous collaborations as guest artist, musician and interpreter, and has made arrangements and graphics for alternative artists. Her artistic style is unique, and often referred to as magical and nonconformist.

Leithana’s latest creations include two videoclips for her project “Scarlet Plinge”: the animation video “Eurofuckers” (2014) and the fiction video “Lust” (2015).